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AEM-AEL Electrolyser Test Station

Introducing the AEM-AEL Electrolyser Test Station 1850W, setting the standard for electrolysis research with its cutting-edge technology and robust capabilities. Paired with our dedicated software, Energy Suite, this powerhouse combination streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency. Researchers can effortlessly control parameters, monitor performance, and analyze data in real-time, empowering them to unlock new insights and drive innovation in hydrogen production. Experience the pinnacle of electrolysis research with the AEM-AEL Electrolyser Test Station 1850W and Energy Suite software

Software (RSI's Energy Suite)

Introducing our comprehensive software solution for complete control over electrolysis experiments: EL-lab. With EL-lab, researchers have full autonomy to manage every aspect of their experiments, from electrolyte filling to data saving and monitoring hydrogen production.

  • Electrolyte Filling: Easily control the electrolyte filling process with precise parameters tailored to your experiment requirements.

  • Experiment Execution: Run experiments seamlessly with customizable settings, ensuring optimal conditions for reliable results.

  • Data Saving: Effortlessly save experiment data in real-time, with options for automatic and manual data logging for easy access and analysis.

  • Heating Control: Maintain consistent temperature conditions with intuitive heating controls, ensuring stability throughout the experiment.

  • Hydrogen Monitoring: Monitor hydrogen production in real-time, with comprehensive data visualization tools for detailed analysis.

  • Stack measurement: Ability to monitor auxiliary voltage and temperature, our suite ensures accurate measurement and recording for precise analysis

We've conducted a small trial run using our powerful AEM-AEL Electrolyser Test Station 1850W. Watch the video to see our cutting-edge technology in action, showcasing its capabilities in electrolysis research. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards innovation in hydrogen production



Test Station Type:

Power Rating:

Constant Current Supply:

Voltage supply:

Cell Config Area:




Flow rate:

Automatic filling:




1850W (for more contact of tech team)



Starting from 2x2 cm or Multiple Stack

600Kg Approx. (subject to design)

1000 x 900 x 900 (in mm)


500 mL or more (for more contact of tech team)


Yes, RSI's Energy Suite (Full Automatic control)

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