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Electrolyzer Test Station

Introducing our RS India Make Electrolyser Test Station, the ultimate tool for pioneering research and development in both academic and industrial environments. Whether you're delving into novel electrolysis techniques or optimizing industrial-scale hydrogen production, our test station provides the precision and flexibility necessary to achieve your goals.

With advanced features and customizable configurations, it's the perfect solution for pushing the boundaries of electrolyser technology and driving innovation forward. Trusted by leading academic institutions and industries worldwide, our test station is your key to unlocking new possibilities in clean energy research

Software (Energy Test bench)

Introducing EL-lab, our innovative Energy Test Bench software designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency in energy testing processes. With EL-lab, you can seamlessly control and monitor various parameters, analyze data, and generate comprehensive reports with ease. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive features empower researchers and engineers to conduct experiments with precision and confidence. Revolutionize your energy testing operations with EL-lab and unlock new insights into energy efficiency and performance. Experience the future of energy testing software with EL-lab.

  • In demo video you can see the working function of the Electrolyzer

  • In this method, we are applying 1.8 V to 3.5 V with constant current 5-10 A depends on the surface area to the PEM cell. Hydrogen is being produced due to electrolysis of water and produced output is moisture trapped. Hence its stored in the Tedler bag.


Supply Voltage

Constant Current Supply:

Electrode Area:

H2 Production Rate:

WATER requirement:

CORE component:

H2 Purity:


Peristaltic Pump:

Pump Sped Control:

Moisture Trap:



H2 Storage:


1.8V TO 3.5V


20A max

35 mm x 35 mm or 40 mm x 50 mm


250mL max

PURE water / De-Ionized water

PEM type



rpm selection to control the rotation speed

Max pressure 5 BAR,

Integrated for enhanced safety

Non-corrosive materials with leak-proof push fittings

Tedlar bag type storage with leak proof fitting

Yes, RSI's Energy Suite (Full Automatic control)

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